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  Standard CalcMaster Software
for mould price, injection moulding data and article price calculation
  • mould prices
  • standard and detailed mould price calculation
  • detailed mouldmaking hours and total project costs
  • injection moulding data (injection moulding simulation)
  • economical number of cavities
  • complete costprice of the product
  • specified request for a mould quote
  • specified apply for a mould qoute


Optional CalcMaster Software
this optional mould and injection moulding software includes:
  • 2 components made with 2 mould cavities
  • 2 components made with 1 mould cavity
  • left and right product
  • stack mould
  • softtool mould
  • 1+1 product in mould


The Professional CalcMaster software is
Standard + Optional CalcMaster parts

CalcMaster Modules

  • CalcMaster - i-Know Moulding 3D Software
    With i-Know Moulding a 3D analysis of the part is made in relation to the mould core and cavity. The 3D mould split is shown on your screen and can be edited.
    Automatic parameter copy for a fast mould price calculation.
    i-Know Moulding uses STL-files.


  • CalcMaster - Mould Dimensions
    The mould dimensions can be calculated from 1 to 96 cavities.
    The dimensions of all separate mould plates is calculated.
    For each plate the specifc steel type can be selected.


  • CalcMaster - Injection Moulding Machine Selection
    After the calculation of the mould price, injection data, number of cavities
    and product data the right injection moulding machine is automaticly selected.


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